Could this name save you money & increase sales?

You need to stand out online from all the other "Star Holidays" companies.

  • Is your website ranked at Number 1 in Google for the search phrase “Star Holidays” in the UK, Europe and North America?
  • The answer is probably “NO”, and there is a reason for that which I shall explain
  • When you are searching Google, you are only seeing the top 10 results for your own country – people searching in other countries are very likely to see a different set of results, and your website may not even be in the top 10 (see the screenshots below to find out). However, certain types of domain names could work better than others, worldwide, and you may have the wrong type of domain name to get accepted worldwide.
  • Your website might appear to be listed in Google in your own country – but where does it appear in the countries where your wealthy customers are?
  • Why is it that some companies have a Google listing that takes up the whole of he top of the page at Google, with multiple results for the same website? What are they doing differently to you?

  • For SEO, you need an aged domain name
  • As the cost of Google Adwords increases, because more competitors websites You spend thousands on marketing your website – so you need a memorable domain name that people can remember, or in future, you could end up paying continually to advertise the unmemorable domain name with Pay Per Click (PPC) to Google Adwords – an ever increasing cost which has no long term benefit.
  • When it comes to selling your business, in future, it could be worth more if you have acquired as you would then have the most memorable domain name for your business.
  • You need a domain name that will help with your Google SEO efforts, a name that could increase your Google rankings.
  • PPC costs are only a short term gain, and after the click is paid for there is no long term benefit. A memorable domain name that helps your SEO is a long term investment that keeps rewarding you by keeping your website at the top of the search engines.

All of these companies are competing for the listings at the top of Google:

Here’s just a few of the companies you are competing against:

  • Do your international customers tell you that they can’t find you in Google when they search for “Star Holidays”
  • Is your local website not appearing the Google in the UK, USA, Canada, or Australia?
  • Do your customers sometimes send emails to instead of your own current alternative domain name?

This is the best domain name for developing a brand selling luxury or vip holidays.

It is important to get any potential negative reviews off page 1 of Google.

Having the exact match domain name as a .com can help by making your site the main website, and pushing pages lower down.
See screenshot of a properly optimised page, like York Natural Health.

If you want your business to be remembered, then you need a short memorable unhyphenated .com domain name. The dot com is the king of domain names and is the one that people type in, even if you try and get them to remember a dot net or an alternative extension.

The figures speak for themselves – look at this website and it shows you that people will pay good money for a dot com domain name because they know it is the best investment. Also, if it ever comes to selling your business, it could sell for more if you have the dot com.


Do not let any potential competitor get this domain name, make sure that you are fully certified in advance of the end of this auction. You need to be certified to place high bids. Do not leave it to the last minute.

Perhaps you are looking for a good memorable domain name to invest in, to make money when you flip it or sell it in a few years time? Buying and selling domain names is a profitable business model. Have a look at this website to see how domain names have been increasing in value over the last few years:

Remember, you need an unhyphenated two word domain name for your business, and it needs to be a dot com. This is an aged domain name (5 years old) and has a good google history. With a small amount of SEO work, you could get this to number one on google worldwide, because it is an “exact match” for star holidays, but the age of this domain name can also help your SEO efforts. Ask your web marketing expert for their advice on SEO and the power of aged “exact match” domain names, or google it.

Star Holidays UK

Star Holidays search results from Google in the UK


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